• Ylana Steinbach
  • Theodore Frangos
  • Logan Jeffrey
Academic Advisors
  • Dr. Gemma Richardson (Primary Advisor)
  • Dr. Jessica Wolfe
  • Dr. Jessica Thom
Usability and Video Testing
  • Matthew Emmons
  • Jeremy Visser
  • Karen Chen
  • Angus MacMinn
  • Bianca Bozzo
  • Alykhan Hajee
  • Taylor James
Special Thanks
  • Taylor James
  • Michael Makrimichalos
  • Larissa Gata
  • Stefanie Santorsola (Humber College Student Wellness and Accessibility Centre)
  • Risa Handler (Humber College Student Wellness and Accessibility Centre)
  • Alex Sein
  • Tatiana Petkovic
Music (Courtesy of YouTube Studio Audio Library)
  • Amber - VYEN
  • Ambiment - Kevin MacLeod
  • Dolphin-esque - Godmode
  • On the Island - Godmode
  • Underwater Exploration - Godmode
  • Shot on location in Mississauga and Toronto, Ontario
Equipment and Technology
  • Cameras: Insta360 One X2 (360˚videos) and Canon M50 (Behind the scenes footage/additional audio recording)
  • Audio: Synco WMIC-T1 Wireless Lavalier Microphone, RODE VideoMic GO, and Zoom H1n Handy Recorder
  • Interactive 360˚Displays: A-Frame
  • Web Development: Adobe Dreamweaver, Glitch, and Sublime Text
  • Web Hosting: C-Panel/GoDaddy